Mechanical Effects

Technifex is known for producing well-engineered mechanical special effects and show action equipment to make the inanimate come alive for the themed entertainment industry. Within the 12,000 sf metal, machine, welding and wood shops stocked with cutting-edge tools and machinery to bend, cut, mold, weld, wire, and assemble raw materials, we create props and show sets ranging from small animatronics to two-story motion bases to giant sharks with pressurized jaws of steel.

Pop-Up Mummies – Revenge of the Mummy The Ride
Mechanical Shark Jaws – Sharkzilla
Mechanical Lift – Galaxy Casino
4D Theater Motion Base – Borg Invasion 4D
Mechanical Man – Old Navy Splash Landings
6 DOF Motion Base – IED Battle Drill Simulator

Project Examples:


  • Show Action Equipment
  • Mechanical Lifts
  • Animated Displays and Props
  • Motion Base Systems

MECHANICAL EFFECTS PORTFOLIO – Full list of Projects Featuring Mechanical Effects –