Technifex is a global leader in technical design, engineering and fabrication of special effects for theme parks, attractions, immersive experiences, museums, resorts/hotels, iconic permanent exhibits, training simulators, live shows and events.

Production Capabilities & Expertise

Technifex’s skilled in-house craftsmen and technicians produce turnkey assemblies of the highest quality.  Production capabilities and areas of particular expertise include the following:

Iconic Architectural Features

One-of-a-kind Iconic Architectural Features and elements to enhance your venue.

  • Building Entry Features
  • Lobby Features
  • Restaurant and Bar Features

Show Design/Production

As show producers, Technifex oversees the development of entire attractions and exhibits, from initial concept design through fabrication & installation all while meeting our client’s creative vision.

Engineering Services

Technifex supplies Engineering Design from initial concept through final art direction. Our engineers are experts in mechanical and electrical designs as well as overall show control systems. Technifex is well-versed in the latest show control systems and integration. We can design, engineer and fabricate custom industrial control panels for your attraction or effect.

  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems
  • Fluid Systems (Fountains & Water Effects)
  • Flame Systems
  • Atmospheric Systems
  • Electronic/Electrical Systems
  • Mechanical Structures
  • Facilities Integration
  • Lighting Design & Controls
  • Audio Design & Controls
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • PLC Control Systems
  • Show Controls Systems
  • Software: Solidworks, Autocad

Fabrication Services

Technifex offers full fabrication services.

  • Welding (acetylene, MIG, TIG, plasma)
  • Heavy Steel Fabrication
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Machining
  • Wood Working


Technifex has two facilities totaling 42,000 square feet.

  • Design Department
  • Engineering Department
  • Weld Shop (Acetylene, MIG, TIG, Plasma)
  • Heavy Steel Fabrication Shop W/ 3 Ton Crane
  • Machine Shop
  • Wood Working Shop
  • Electronics / Electrical Shop
  • 4’x8’ Water Jet Machine
  • 20,000 Gallon In-Ground Test Pool W/50hp Pump
  • Fire Feature Development and Testing Area
  • Product Production and Assembly Facilities
  • Sound Stage
  • Grip and Production (Lighting/Cameras/Drapes)
  • Mock-Up & Demonstration Areas

Industrial Control Panels

Technifex is well versed in the latest show control systems and integration. We can design, engineer and fabricate custom industrial control panels for your attraction or effect.

Prototype and Concept Development

Technifex can provide Prototype/Mock-ups of any desired effect before full production.

Technifex also offers Conceptual Design consultation services including computer generated renderings or animatics for use in presentation materials.

  • Brainstorming And Conceptual Design
  • Renderings And Concept Art
  • Storyboarding And Scripting
  • Animatic Creation
  • Pre-Visualization Development
  • Graphic Design
  • General Attraction And Training Systems Design
  • Prototype Development
  • Mock-Up Production
  • Product Design

Media Production

Technifex handles all aspects of film and video production, including scripting, scoring, costuming and makeup. The sound stage is fully outfitted with lighting, audio and grip equipment. Technifex works closely with leading post production houses to create video effects as well as all phases of mixing, editing, audio production and sweetening.

With our 5,000 square foot sound stage, Technifex has the ability to produce the media needed for creating any visual effects/illusions or for your attraction.

Project Management

Every one of our Project Managers has decades of experience managing multiple large-scale projects.