Visual Effects

Technifex is a leading provider of simulated holographic and Pepper’s Ghost visual effects which are used in attractions, dark rides, exhibits, themed experiences, museums, haunts and live shows. Our engineers create these magical experiences combining projection, lighting, mechanics, reflection, and atmospheric effects.  

Visual illusions are known by several names: Pepper’s Ghost, Techniscan, Steinmeyer Illusions, Projections, Magic Mirrors, Schufftan Process, Camera Lucida, Holograms.

Playing off variations of the original Pepper’s Ghost illusion, developed in 1862, Technifex is able enhance this visual effect technique by combining an array of our custom special effects (atmospheric, mechanical, lighting), beyond simply reflecting images into a dimensional environment. 

Working directly with our creative engineering staff to develop unique WOW experiences, creative and art directors routinely challenge Technifex to bring their concepts to reality, 

Burning Bush – Museum of the Bible
Magical Lamp – The Adventures of Sinbad
Orb of Infinite Fortune – Studio City Macau
Harry Potter – Electronic Arts Booth
Shanghai Magic Restaurant
Frank Sinatra – Radio City Music Hal

Project Examples:

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