Technical Services and Support

Transform your entertainment experience with the Technical Services and Support offered by Technifex. Say goodbye to struggling with limited resources and outdated technology. Our suite of services is designed to address the unique challenges faced by existing theme park attractions and venues. With our expertise, we’ll identify areas that need immediate attention and create a customized roadmap for improvement. Technifex specializes in technology transfers and seamlessly integrates new and legacy platforms. Our installation, engineering, design, and fabrication services can upgrade or bring your attraction back to life.

Contact Technifex today to unlock the potential within your existing infrastructure and redefine entertainment excellence.

Attraction Assessment

  • Conditional Assessment 
  • Technology Obsolescence
  • Technology Transfer/Upgrades


  • Control Systems
  • Installation
    • Multi-Phased
    • Multiple – Shifts
    • Daily Turnover to Operations
    • Training
  • Engineering
    • Mechanical Design
    • Audio/Visual
    • Hazzard Analysis/Safety Compliance