Noah’s Ark Water Park

This attraction combines detailed theming, a simulated elevator ride and a Mack Mystery Swing to create a fun-filled experience that takes guests on a wild journey back to the days of Noah and the Great Flood.

Evolator Interior
Attraction Queue
Noah's Ark

Technifex designed and built the “Evolator,” a simulated elevator that takes the guests “thousands of feet” down through the Earth’s crust to reach Noah’s planning room. This custom designed ride system was engineered and fabricated by Technifex and is 17-feet high. Over 30-feet in diameter and accommodates 60 passengers on each “trip.” Technifex added sounds and lighting effects to create heavy rain and thunder with flashes of lightning on the rock walls of the elevator shaft (visible through windows in the Evolator) to signal the onslaught of the Great Flood and further enhance the guest experience.


  • Technifex Scope of Work: Engineering, Fabrication and Show Producer
  • Client: Noah’s Ark Water Park
  • Lighting Design: Visual Terrain
  • Scenery: Scenery West
  • Location: Wisconsin Dells, WI
  • Opened: 2003