Dark Castle

In the shadows of Dark Castle dwells a monster. He stalks its musty halls, feeding on the flesh of intruders who seek a lost treasure; the fortune of the late Lord Nardor, master of this dismal realm.

Fiber Optic Effects
Ride - Loading
Simulated Fireplace
Blacklight Water Effect
Magic Mirror

This award-winning show was produced by Technifex for Nasu Resorts, in Japan. Technifex designed and fabricated all aspects of this fanciful dark ride. The show was given THEA’s Outstanding Achievement Award for Best Show Creator and Producer.

  • Technifex Scope of Work: Show Producer, Engineering and Fabrication
  • Client: Fantasy Pointe, Nasu Highland Park
  • Scenery: Lexington Scenery & Props
  • Lighting Design: Gallegos Lighting Design
  • Location: Towa Nasu Resort, Japan
  • Opened: 1996