Not only are we adding talented executives to our leadership team, launching a new subsidiary, Technifex XR, that caters to the military sector with 4D training simulators, and continuing to deliver amazing special effects for our themed entertainment clients, Technifex transforms as we have added some fantastic new features to our fabrication facility over the last year. We’ve kept busy during Covid and had time to make some enhancements. Look for the weekly updates on our transformation, we are bigger and better than ever! 

Transformation highlights to come:

  • Technifex Transforms! New FLOW Water Jet
  • Technifex Transforms! Rooftop Fire System
  • Technifex Transforms! Electrical Shop
  • Technifex Transforms!  Wood Shop 
  • Technifex Transforms! Tool Crib
  • Technifex Transforms! Facility Generator
  • Technifex Transforms!  Water Features Test Pool
  • Technifex Transforms!  Technifex Products Showroom
  • Technifex Transforms!  XR Stage – JTAC testing/training
  • Technifex Transforms!  New offices and lunchroom for bringing staff back to work

And more to come!