We retired our beloved old waterjet that has been the backbone of our fabrication process. We are now very excited to introduce our new family member: a FLOW waterjet machine with an Ebbco filtration system.

Upgrading to FLOW’s latest premium technology in waterjet performance, this machine is considered to be The Essential Waterjet.

We can cut sheet goods up to 6’-6” x 10’-0” and up to 6” thick with precision finished dimensions. No heat or stress is imparted into your cut materials. The machine produces satin smooth edges that do not require any secondary finishing. With minimal kerf and high accuracy we are able to virtually cut any material; aluminum, stainless steel, steel, glass, ceramics, composites, etc.

Technifex is proud of our environmentally friendly Ebbco Closed Loop Filtration System. A centrifuge system separates the spent garnet from the water and the filtration system processes the water to a very clean level, less than 40 PPM, for maintaining a top performance precision machine.

Great news for all: Technifex is offering our in-house precision cutting of various materials for outside customers projects. 

Contact:  Howard Smith – VP of Production, Technifex howard@technifex.com