Technifex is a team of interacting minds that are always thinking of innovative new ideas and concepts for our World Class Special Effects. One of our specialties is designing and developing water based effects. For Research and Development processes, we set up in our 21,000 gallon test pool, fully equipped with various pumps, distribution manifolds, pressure and flow gauges, control systems, catwalks, overhead gantry, cameras, and Natural Gas.

In 2021, scientists at the Department of Water Resources determined that California is currently in its third driest year on record. After observing the devastating wildfires that have plagued California over the past few years, Technifex took action.

Through engineering, and testing, our team developed a roof top fire suppression sprinkler system. We installed a new 25 HP vertical pump in our test pool with monitoring pressure gauges and a dedicated control system. Through R&D testing we custom engineered and modified nozzles for optimum coverage and output.

California’s wildfires are often fueled by the Santa Anna winds. The high winds down the power lines and those downed lines have started the fires. Due to the past devastation, California Edison has now initiated “Rolling Blackouts” where they will shut down power in high wind conditions.  Staying ahead, Technifex installed a Kohler co-generation power plant to keep us going even during these “Rolling Blackouts”. Technifex now has access 24/7 to our supply of 21,000 gallons of water, electricity for the pump and control system, either from Cal Edison or our own generated electricity. 

Keeping it safe for our team, our state-of-the-art facility and equipment, and our clients precious custom engineered and fabricated products.