Ravinia Music Box

Ravinia Festival organizes the oldest outdoor music festival in the United States, located outside of Chicago, IL.  In August 2021 Ravinia opened a new indoor, modern, immersive multimedia space, the Music Box, a multi-purpose experience center, designed by BRC Imagination Arts. The Center includes two exhibit spaces and a 65-seat theater.

Technifex brings the theater to life when six massive mechanical columns, situated on either side of the stage, begin to rise and transform, folding into one another, as the screen expands, wrapping into a 180-degree diorama.  

Premiering in the theater is a show called Bernstein’s Answer, an immersive theatrical experience exploring life and music of composer Leonard Bernstein, produced by BRC Imagination Arts. Bob Rogers, BRC founder, states, “It’s an indoor spectacular with a ton of heart that tells the life story of Bernstein.”

Watch the fabrication of the columns and the mechanical show action elements come together in Technifex’ shop, in the behind-the-scenes build video below.