Bermuda Storm

Bermuda Storm is an exhilarating 4D immersive experience that debuted in 2023 as the flagship attraction at Chimelong Spaceship theme park in Zhuhai, China. Set in a captivating Caribbean-themed mythical sea adventure, this attraction unfolds within a cutting-edge domed theater, seamlessly integrating a host of innovative technologies and specially crafted show elements and effects. Notably, Bermuda Storm boasts the distinction of being the world’s largest motion platform attraction, earning recognition from Guinness World Records.

Conceived by Mr. Su Zhigang, Chief Creative Officer of Su Creative Studios and Chairman of Chimelong Group, alongside creative director Rick Rothschild, the project brought together an esteemed consortium of international industry leaders including Brogent Technologies, Kraftwerk Living Technologies, Technifex, Mack Animation, Yessian Music and Sound Design, Visual Terrain Lighting Design, Garner Holt Animatronics, among others. This collaborative effort culminated in Bermuda Storm receiving the prestigious Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2024.

At the heart of Bermuda Storm’s allure are meticulously engineered and produced effects, developed by Technifex to enhance the storyline and immerse guests in the tumultuous world of a ship at sea, amidst pirates and a raging storm. From the thrilling cannon ball water splashes to intricately choreographed boat wake and splash effects that ingeniously avoid wetting the audience, every detail is crafted to perfection. Atmospheric enhancements, including overhead and bow fans with water mist effects, coupled with pulsating lightning effects and vibrations embedded in all the handrails, further amplify the immersive guest experience. Technifex also produced a massive lift system that raises the key character (animatronic) onto the bow of the ship to launch smoking cannonballs at the attacking sea pirates.

One of the project’s primary challenges was seamlessly integrating show action equipment and water effects within the physical constraints of a moving platform accommodating hundreds of guests. Particularly daunting was the task of installing expansive water effects between the motion base and the curved screen without risking any moisture hitting the motion base or reaching the screen itself. Despite these hurdles, the Technifex team successfully delivered splash and wave effects that captivated guests without compromising safety or performance.

Technifex Show Action and Special Effects equipment included:

• Mechanical Lift and Door (Animatronic character Lift)
• Cannon Ball Water Splash Effect
• Boat Wake and Splash Water Effects
• Overhead and Bow Fans with Water Mist Effect
• Motion-Base Platform Handrails with Lightning and Vibration Effects

  • Technifex Scope of Work: Engineering, Fabrication and Installation – Mechanical, Water and Atmospheric Effects
  • Client: Chimelong Group, Su Creative Studio
  • Location: Chimelong Spaceship Theme Park, Zhuhai, China
  • Opened: 2023