Adventures Beneath the Seas

Adventures Beneath the Seas (ABTS) is a thrilling virtual excursion for anyone, at any age, with any physical condition, enabling them to experience otherwise unattainable undersea adventures.  ABTS is an immersive 4D Experience that takes passengers on exciting underwater excursions. Without getting wet, (well, maybe a little) passengers encounter sharks, whales, dolphins and other sea life, up close and personal, in an exhilarating, educational, and entertaining environment! 

Produced by Valerie Johnson-Redrow, the goal of this turnkey attraction is to create entertaining, educational, true-to-life adventures for a wide audience that would otherwise never experience nature at its best.    

20 guests enter a “Shark Pod,” which is virtually lowered into an oceanic environment, until it’s dangling only by connecting cables. Passengers are not only immersed in the sea life that surrounds the cage but are jostled around by the actions of the creatures around them.

  • Fully themed immersive Interior
  • 65″ 4K Monitors (12)
  • Motion Base (Pneumatic actuation for subtle moves)
  • Floor Vibrations (Under floor transducers)
  • Water Spritz (Simulated leaks in The Extreme Encounters version)
  • Water Drips
  • Surround Sound Audio System (Scenically hidden speakers)
  • Programmable Lighting
  • Modular Units
Show Producer: Valerie Johnson-Redrow