Sale: Mylar Ribbon Water Feature


Basic Dimensions – Units for sale are similar to this installation of Spotlight 29 Casino.

Sale Item – Mylar Ribbon Water Feature

Designed to encircle a column, the Mylar Ribbon Water Features are 9.5 feet in diameter. There are 8 half rings that can be installed either as a half ring (8), or as full rings (4). There is enough Mylar to create a column of flowing water up to 40’ tall.
The overhead rings and troughs are made completely out of stainless steel and have all of the required brackets for mounting around a column. The upper weir includes all plumbing to disperse the water evenly to each of the ribbon units. The lower tank is the holding tank for the water and contains the tensioning weights for the ribbons.
Lighting and pumps are not included.

Price: $25,000 per ring or $100,000 for all 4 complete rings.

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