Products Archive – Wind Cannon


The Technifex Wind Cannon is the perfect addition to any exhibit or attraction that requires a blast of air to enhance the guest experience.

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: The Technifex Wind Cannon has been designed with the demanding show requirements prevalent within the amusement park and exhibition industries in mind. The industrial grade components and lack of moving parts make the Wind Cannon ideal for use in dark rides, shooting galleries, museums, miniature golf courses and other themed attractions.

VERSATILE OUTPUT: The nozzle system on the Wind Cannon is capable of 180° rotation and 65° pan and tilt. The nozzle can also be removed from the system for remote installation up to 15′.

CONTROL OPTIONS: The wind cannon can be ordered in two control configurations; Model 1000 – manually controlled or Model 1200 – computer controlled.

WARRANTY: Conditional, with one year on all parts.