Meet Duf Sundheim, Director Strategic Planning and Legal Counsel

Meet Duf Sundheim Technifex’ Director of Strategic Planning and Legal Counsel.  Duf has decades of experience in themed entertainment and at the highest levels of government.  Duf incorporated Technifex, served as its Legal Counsel for decades, worked closely with Monty Lunde to form the Themed Entertainment Association, and was the TEA’s first General Counsel.  Duf then went on to serve as senior advisor to governors, played a key role in the passage of historic political reforms, and received national awards for his efforts.  Duf returned to Technifex in early 2020 and also currently serves as a member of the U.S. Federal Court’s Advanced Mediation Practice Group and the Leadership Council of California Forward, a bipartisan non-profit organization working with Governor Newsom’s office to help with California’s recovery efforts from Covid-19.  Duf believes his experience in mediation is especially valuable for his work at Technifex.  “Most attorneys build walls.  My role is to build bridges, to other companies and to the future.”  Monty and Duf have been friends since Duf was a Freshman at Stanford.  When asked how does it feel being back at Technifex? Duf replied “I have had the opportunity to work with some incredible people in my life.  There is no one I enjoy working with more than Monty.”