FauxFire® simulated flame system – fake fire

FauxFire2015 Lightblock

FauxFire® – Simulated Fake Flame and Fire

FauxFire® is a patented simulated flame system that let’s you harness the power of “fire”. Using steam and specialty lighting, Technifex has created fake fire in the most realistic and safe way to bring the impact of flames to your displays or attractions. Since there are no chemicals or smoke to deal with, FauxFire® simulated flame system can be used in most venues.

FauxFire Fake Fire Flame Effect

8′ Units – Spotlight 29 Casino

FauxFire Fake Fire Flame Effect

Suzhou Theater – custom in-stage installation

FauxFire Fake Fire Flame Effect

Custom Torchiere

FauxFire Fake Fire Flame Effect

8′ Units – Atlantis Paradise Island

FauxFire Fake Fire Flame Effect

Color Changing LED Lighting

FauxFire Fake Fire Flame Effect

4′ Steam Unit with LED Lighting

Custom FauxFire Corner Unit

Custom FauxFire Corner Unit – Fake Flame and Fire System

FauxFire Chimelong

Forest Temple – 8′, 4′ and 2′ Units – Photo Credit: Chimelong

Technifex Products also makes a rental version of FauxFire® simulated flame system that uses theatrical smoke or a mini steam unit. Ideal for temporary installations such as trade shows or live events.
Click here for  information on the Rental Version.

FauxFire® – Features

  • Add “Fire” to your attraction
  • Realistic simulated flames
  • Flame height of 24″ -36″ (610mm – 915mm)
  • Link manifolds to create longer displays
  • Safe to touch
  • No chemicals or smoke fluid required
  • Easy to operate
  • Requires very little service

  • Available in 2’ (610mm), 4’(1220mm), 6′(1828mm) and 8’(2440mm) straight manifolds
  • Manifolds can be assembled in curved or straight layouts
  • Custom designed for your installation
  • Create colored flames with customized LED lighting

Please read our FauxFire® Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for additional information on requirements and restrictions.
-FauxFire® FAQ-

Various Examples (note: some clips show the older larger manifold)

2′ Unit / 4′ Unit / 8′ Unit – with LED lighting on custom stand.
(Note: this video shows the current manifold)


Custom FauxFire® Units

Custom 12′ Unit 

Custom Torchiere

NEW! – Dual Sided FauxFire.

Our standard FauxFire units are only viewable from one side. Technifex can now offer custom FauxFire units that are viewable from BOTH SIDES!

FauxFire® – Project Examples

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# 6,685,574 B2
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Canadian Patent:
# 2,467,949
Click here for information on the Rental Version of FauxFire.

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